May 21, 2020

If the previous recommendation did not help, please restart the RAM Commander database server and try again. So there is an ini file local on my pc. Suppose you have finished making a dashboard with Tableau, you can publish it to Tableau Server. Hi, I install VS and it worked. So in the combo box i can select the name of the database like: If one of these files are read-only, try to remove read-only attribute out from the file.

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I figured, what the heck.

Set up the join clause carefully. Restart the PC and continue working. User should ensure the server is on, the connection is established network drive etc.

[Solved] Error 1918 while Installing MySQL ODBC Driver on Windows

Initially network drive works fine, and then this problem could suddenly appear. If previous advices do not help, grant “Full Control” access rights to Windows folder and try again.

Results 1 to 3 of 3. And when I run the program on an other pc the alchemy. Image and odbc So what I what to do is, when i select a database in the combo box and press a button “ok” the database must be opened in an alchemy viewer not of importance at this moment Everything seems working correct like, connecting to odbc and opening the viewer, but the viewer isn’t referencing to the correct path adress.


So in the combo box i can select the name of the database like: I aod and installed the files for theand versions not sure which one did the trick, but I suspect it was thethe latest available. Ritesh October 8, Installation information for ODBC drivers is stored in this key.

Thanks a lot VCD.

There are some limitations of Kylin ODBC driver with Tableau, please read carefully this instruction before you try it. Project folders on all local and network drives where user wishes to store his projects.

Is the error message exactly as described in the post?

[Solved] Error while Installing MySQL ODBC Driver –

Publish to Tableau Server Suppose you have odcb making a dashboard with Tableau, you can publish it to Tableau Server. Reinstall your current version of MDAC, or install the latest version.

Asad November 29, Thanks Hack but, the ini file is generated automaticly from the server. Thanks VCD that did the trick!!

Open Control Panel from Start menu, Settings section. Check and ensure that all RAM Commander users may “ping” each other computers by computer name. For ODBC bit data sources: I checked the odc of the 4 dll files that linglom suggested, but none were set to readonly. I then decided to Google for a solution, this first I was enter on the web form and i have manage to get solution to my odb. Users connecting to the network drive try to use Pervasive Database Engine of the first user connected to the drive.


select file from combobox and open database in alchemy viewer-VBForums

HiI am happy to know you that second solution works for me. Make sure that there is “Database Service Manager” program in the list: These problems may have arisen because of an installation of older software that changed the registry settings of the ODBC drivers or replaced some.

DHuang June 10, Nidelson Gimenes comments worked for me too. I tried for the better part of 2 days to install v5. Can you suggest another solution.