June 12, 2020

I’ve ordered the following: Great clubs for great prices. I thnk I’m going to order these. My reason for switching though is a need for some modern playability I’m sorry, but to hit a nine iron and dead straight is rad. Posted May 13,

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Take a minute to consider the other manufacturers of golf clubs. We often choose higher quality components that increase the cost of our product. Posted May 13, But everything else is great!!! This opinion comes from the fact that most “clone” bewt are interested in making sales by directly comparing their product to large brands.

I’ve played all sorts of brand name clubs in the past Taylormade, Callaway, Cleveland, etc.

Assuming the shafts are a good match, I think you’re really going to like your new irons. I figure since they are shorter shafts, they loose some of the flex with length, so a R flex cut down will fall somewhere between a S and R.

We’d love to have you! Below are some photos of the clubs I like. I have only a couple of different, cheap clubs at the moment.


By saevel25Wednesday at So gest me give you an example of a custom golf set make up for irons. I bought the GX irons last year. A wrench for the driver was missing, but they sent it to me via mail.

GigaGolf Turbo Power Irons

You should check them gigaolf, good clubs for great price. GigaGolf’s focus is performance, quality and service. I will be trying them with the 30 satisfaction guarantee in mind. Dumb all over, a little ugly on the side. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Not only are the individual clubs less expensive than the name brand clubs, but you only ordered what you needed and saved even more. You will get tho this point I a sure you, but in the mean time, you can’t buy a better set for where you are.

Own a set of there irons. Actually, I like them so much that I’m willing to trade my favored wedges gihagolf on a GigaGolf set. Let us know how you’re hitting them once they arrive.

Ratings and reviews have changed. Performance wise, the wedges give you plenty of feedback on miss-hits, and are about as forgiving or lack tigagolf as other wedges, although I cant speak for all of them like OEM Kevin can. Also Ive played steel shafts on my Irons forever and the only time I feel discomfort from them is when I hit it really fat.


Yet another GigaGolf question – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Some golfers will take the time to understand the difference and those are GigaGolf customers. And here is member Sacul! A big box department store has low prices on complete boxed sets of golf clubs, but the heads might be made out of zinc, the steel shafts will rust, the “graphite” shafts are almost percent fiberglass and the grips will be hard as stone within 6 months.

One of the lyrics is: So I took to the driving range they were fine. I have the worst time hitting hybrids.