June 30, 2020

If the status is not, make sure the printer is turned on and connected. Copyright Linux Foundation. For Debian Etch users: Brother now seems to have new. This completes the process. Michael Gross 21 2. The HL is the closest driver available and which will most likely work for the HL

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Often, by searching for Ubuntu solutions you can find one that works for our “flavor” as well. The first one didn’t work but finally the latter one did. Sound, WiFi, card reader and so forth.

Linux Informations

On the page that opens, click the Driver Install Tool link. Miscellaneous Printer supports PJL.

Their starting page has links for each region supported. Even though install process seems to hang for ever, but after restart printer seems to be installed, but then ul-2030 as described above This driver is obsolete.

Brother HL-2030 Installation with Ubuntu Linux

One more reason is, that MS announced they won’t support W7 any more in the near future. Click on the link for the region where the printer is being installed and, on the page that opens, the language the most closely matches that of the user.


When the installer prompts you to enter the model name, enter “HL” without quotes. This isn’t very common though. This might help – http: Thanks for your support.

I’ll give it a try. Also works fine multiple pages, toner save etc on Kubuntu 6. For example, the link Brotehr posted above clearly shows the default Ubuntu Unity desktop, but all the instructions are given on the command line – so it should work for you.

If it is listed as “Ready”, the printer is ready to use. But I would like to understand things better.

printer – Brother HL – elementary OS Stack Exchange

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Plain Paper, Page Size: Verify the status to the right, above “Location”: Printer prints perfect Test Page and Text documents, but when it has to print any PDf or image, it prints only the left half of it but twice next to each other with an horizontal empty space between?

It just serves my needs perfectly fine. So please bare with me. Easy installation instructions here. If you only get low-resolution graphics when printing PDFs using Acrobat try using the hpijs-pcl5e brther instead of the recommended hl I first had to enable the browser-based admin for cupsys.


If you don’t agree, this will stop the download process and you can’t use the printer driver. Just keep in mind as you read that if the instructions say they specifically apply to one of the other desktops, they might not work for Kubuntu.

Hi – Linux support for Brother printers is generally brohter good I have one.

I downloaded two drivers. LSB is a trademark of the Linux Foundation. For Brotehr Etch users: Also just to let you know I am not so computer technical and totally new to Kubuntu. If the system identifies the driver as missing, try the procedure in this post. I Don’t want to by a new one.