November 22, 2020

Typically, the device driver for USB devices is managed by the. The flat panel timings are related to the panel size and not the size of the mode specified in xorg. For x chipsets the server assumes that the TFT bus width is 24bits. For a complete discussion on the dot clock limitations, see the next section. This may be related to a bug in one of the accelerated functions, or a problem with the BitBLT engine. Note that it is overridden by the ” SWcursor ” option.

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Secondly, the memory bandwidth of the video processor is shared between the two heads. Tedh this limit will be either 56MHz or 68MHz for the xx chipsets, depending on what voltage they are driven with, or 80MHz for the WinGine machines.

In addition the device, screen and layout sections of the ” xorg.

Try reducing the clock. However luckily there are many different clock register setting that can give the same or very similar clocks.

It often uses external DAC’s and programmable clock chips to supply additional functionally.

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It has the same ID and is identified as a when probed. On the Gladius Desktop. This is a driver limitation that might be relaxed in the future. The clocks in the x series of chips are internally divided by 2 chisp 16bpp and 3 for 24bpp, allowing one modeline to be used at all depths.


So if you have a virtual screen size set to x using a x at tecb, you use kB for the mode. If this is not true then the screen will appear to have a reddish tint.

All terminals in the E series from version 4. This is a small and long-standing bug in the current server. However some video ram, particularly EDO, might not be fast enough to handle this, resulting in drawing errors on the screen. 690000

However, as the driver does not prevent you from using a mode that will exceed the memory bandwidth of thebut a warning like. Use caution with this option, as driving the video processor beyond its specifications might cause damage. By default the two display share equally the available memory. Chips and Technologies Asiliant xx. Firstly, the memory requirements of both heads must fit in the available memory.

Ibl39 micropci lan card with reaek rtl ethernet controller for primary ethernet. This option forces the LCD panel size to be overridden by the 60900 display sizes.

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However it additionally has the ability for mixed 5V and 3. A general problem with the server that can manifested in many way such as drawing errors, wavy screens, etc is related to the programmable clock. This is useful to see that pixmaps, tiles, etc have been properly cached. The xx chipsets can use MMIO for all communications with the video processor.


Try reducing the amount of memory consumed by the mode. The order of precedence is Display, Screen, Monitor, Device. On a cold-booted system this might be the appropriate value to use at the text console see the ” TextClockFreq ” optionas many flat panels will need a dot clock different than the default to synchronise.

If you get pixel error with this option try using the ” SetMClk ” option to slow the memory clock. This is correct for most modes, but can cause some problems.


This is a more advanced version of the WinGine chip, with specification very similar to the x series of chips. Dhips is useful for the chipset where the base address of the linear framebuffer must be supplied by the user, or at depths 1 and 4bpp. Composite sync on green. It works quite well after deinstall and reinstall chups same drivers. This serial link allows an LCD screens to be located up to m from the video processor.