March 31, 2021

The Fax Console opens. Warning j Do not attempt to disassemble the AC adapter. Getting Started 50 www. For more information on using the DVD player, see its online help. Thebuttonshavedimplesso that you can press them with your pen. Gateway Technical Support will need this information if you call for assistance.

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Inkjet printers and cartridges are relatively inexpensive, but they are slower than laser printers. Quickly press and release the left button once.

Ethernet Controller driver free download for windows – Gateway – M

We suggest using spaces instead of hyphens in telephone and fax numbers. Increase the LCD panel brightness above the normal brightest setting for seconds. The Send Fax Wizard opens.

Information on the Web comes to you on Web pages, which are electronic documents that you view using a Web page display program called a browser. To create a wired Ethernet network, you or your electrician must: The battery charge indicator turns on see “LED status indicators” on page 25 for the location of the battery charge indicator. For more information about shortcuts, see your Windows or program documentation. Using power saving modes Always save your work controllee using Standby mode.

In Windows, you throw away files and folders by first moving them to the Windows trash can, called the Recycle Bin, where they remain until you decide to empty the bin. Use only memory modules designed for the Gateway M for upgrading your memory.


Gateway Gateway M275 Drivers

Windows Basics Browsing for files and folders A file or folder that ocntroller need is rarely right on top of your Windows desktop. This program corrects file and folder problems and marks flawed areas on the hard drive so Windows does not use them.

For more information, see ‘Tablet control buttons” on page Use the special cleaning cloth included with your convertible tablet PC to wipe away dust and fingerprints. Avoid touching the edge connectors. Magnetic fields can erase data on both diskettes and hard drives.

Using the Internet 88 www. Read this chapter to learn how to access: Go to the next step.

The file or folder you moved appears in its new location and is removed from its old location. To adjust specific volume levels: You can often identify different data file types by looking at the file’s extension the part of the file name following the last period.

The Sender Information screen opens.

Drivers & Downloads

This module is keyed so it can only be inserted in one direction. Carry proof of ownership or a merchandise passport when traveling internationally. Depending on the programs you are conntroller, you may only need to restart your convertible tablet PC to complete the installation. Remember that limited accountsmay not beableto install some older programs.


Drivers for Gateway Gateway M

Your e-mail is sent over the Internet to the e-mail address you specified. The Undock Computer menu item appears in theStart menu only whileyour convertible tablet PC is docked.

Mouse rollers 5 Replace the mouse ball and lock the retaining ring into place. Windows previews the screen saver.

The most common types are i n kj et and laser printers, which print in color or black and white. For instructions on how to adjust the double-click speed, pointer speed, right-hand or left-hand configuration, and other touchpad settings, see “Changing the touchpad settings” on ethdrnet For more information, see “Working with documents” on page You can also use the Insert menu to include information that is automatically calculated such as number of pages or date ethermet time sent.