June 17, 2020

There a three known BIOS files for this machine: I’m about out of ideas on how to get past this and delete program files since the computer auto reboots a short time after displaying giveio. Several people have built device drivers to work around the limitations of Windows. I’m lucky that nobody checks or overwrites the Task Register Cache value. However, in other situations you may genuinely need a more civilized approach: Install went into the Safe Mode option screen after one of the restarts of the Setup disk and that’s the story for today.

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When started with debugger attached, it worked sometimes.

The operating system provides the following three methods for accessing data buffers: Results from Debug Session The application programs affected must be 32 bit, as 16 bit programs won’t run on Windows 64bit either.

Articles Quick Answers Messages. Is there any way to edit content from program files in such a dilemma devicr a command line option Safe Mode for instance? You may also leave feedback directly i/k GitHub. Writing Drivers in Delphi: Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.


For a network redirector conforming to the Windows Vista redirector model, MUP creates a symbolic link in the object manager namespace with the device name specified by the network redirector giveio.ys the call to FsRtlRegisterUncProviderEx.

Email me any questions. This registry value is located under the following registry key:. I have another Asus to try instead which would work because I have minimal components installed. A bluescreen won’t occur.

Enable I/O Access From User Mode – CodeProject

A Delphi interface to gwiopm. I had no problems before this clone job.

This registry value is located under the following registry key: I attempted to ‘start from the last known good configuration’ and got the same result. Setup runs and XP attempts to start and freezes at the welcome screen– actually it just says Windows or something and doesn’t budge.

I/O Port Programming with Delphi and NT

L/o is actually the easy part. We will use the logix4u. First set you BIOS back to it’s default settings. A replacement driver for giveio and dlportio for bit Windows.

Enable I/O Access From User Mode

There a three known BIOS files for this machine: You would be wise to strip the computer of accessory devices, including video card if there is onboard video, sound card, add-in cards for usb ports, card readers and the like. After installing it, put a little configuration file into the Bin directory.


Yes, my password is: I’m seeking help on extracting my data and then simply wiping the disk and starting over. Starting a kernel-mode service equals to loading a kernel driver insmod. Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. Having your program install the driver transparently with minimum fuss. I should be able to rever the order. The workaround for that problem is to create an NT driver drivers have sufficient privileges to twiddle the IOPM at the request of your app. Onno Kortmann authored a unit called simport.

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