April 6, 2021

There are so many of them! And in fact, it might be the best SUV I’ve ever driven. The steering has been engineered for sporty and immediate handling. The steel spring suspension is equipped, as standard, with Porsche Active Suspension Management PASM , which enhances both sporty performance and ride comfort. Macan Turbo packages Life is exactly what you make of it. A button on the centre console enables you to activate Porsche Hill Control PHC , which keeps your speed constant on downhill gradients.

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Still, while it is eash to almost double the base price, most of us could live without custom paint colors, crazy contrast stitching on the seats and dash, or a leather-wrapped rearview mirror. They blend harmoniously into the vehicle’s dynamic design. Porsche Pre-Owned Car Locator.

Macan Turbo with Performance Package. Wheels are a hefty 20 inches front and rear, with brakes to match. Sport Button The SPORT button, which is fitted as standard, enables you to select a setup that favours either comfort or sporty performance. You can do this using the two gearshift paddles on the multifunction sports steering wheel, fitted as standard, or using the PDK gear selector.

Like a hot hatch on steroids: The Porsche Macan GTS reviewed | Ars Technica

It converts sound waves into a unique feast for the senses — and music into an exclusive listening experience. And it has been quite the sales success, with Macans making up almost a third of thePorsches delivered worldwide in Just in case you forgot what easj you bought, the headrest will macag you. Optional on all models. All tyres have been optimised for driving performance, handling, rolling resistance and weight.


With our technologies, we are forever fanning the flames of the relationship. If a road sign is missed — for example due to heavy rain or darkness — the speed limit stored in the navigation module is automatically displayed. At high speeds on the straight, and in fast corners where the wheels threaten to spin, the electronically controlled rear differential lock provides added driving stability. The enhanced Porsche Communication Management PCM is your central control unit for all infotainment macsb and is standard equipment in all models.

Fuel consumption is thereby reduced, while the full power output of the maxab is made available for acceleration phases. The versatile centre seat doubles as a through-loading facility for long cargo items and for the optional ski bag. The Turbo was an absolute beast of an SUV with a top speed of mph.

This delivers a crucial increase in traction and driving safety.

So it goes macaab show once again: By continuing to use this website, you agree to our use of cookies. That’s because it will stay in each gear much longer before shifting up or down; that’s great for engine braking or attacking a corner, but it also means you’re burning more gas and hearing the engine more.

The engine is decoupled from the transmission, which avoids the deceleration caused by engine braking. You make it unmistakeably clear that the ambience of the interior is just as exclusive as the driving experience.


Like a hot hatch on steroids: The Porsche Macan GTS reviewed

And before you scoff at the idea, bear in mind that the Macan GTS has suspension that’s meant to be up to the jd. On the side spokes are little metal scroll wheels that feel wonderfully tactile; behind each side spoke are the paddle shifters.

Optional for all Macan models. Overall, the power-adjusted leather and suede seats were comfortable eazy supportive. PTV Plus is an optional system for enhancing both driving dynamics and stability.

Atop our particular Macan’s dash is a little analog clock, which indicates this particular vehicle has been specced with the Sport Chrono package—the clock will double as a lap timer at the track. Life is exactly what you make of it.

The Macan’s interior is standard Porsche and one you’ll likely recognize if you’ve set foot in any of the brand’s recent models. This brings us to the Macan GTS. Even with the Macan’s electronic brains set to Normal, it mavab the road well and resists roll in the corners. The extravagance is uncompromising, the craftsmanship exquisite, the sound phenomenal.