October 12, 2020

This is now unnecessary if you gain S-OFF. I forget the exact location of the serial number in the About Phone section of the settings but it should not take too long to find it. Follow Us On Facebook. FlexiSPY is not responsible for rooting the Android device in any way. Android Apps and Games. If you get at the end you are good to go If you do not have root, then re-flash the superuser

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If you pressed no, then I would suggest you rerun the script and press “y” when it asks increedible. The method works on S-on, stock recovery devices. Thank you very much. Developers spend a lot of time making their respective ROMs.

ByBpotloader Member on 26th January Ah, when i run nonverbose’s script, make the gold card, the script run very fast. You don’t compare ROMs because: Choose the CM7 zip cm On your PC go to C: I did not back up any thing on my phone I do not have anything important so I did not really care.

However this is not an official release but remains pretty much bugless.

Bootloader Mode HTC Incredible S

If you do rename the boot. X with Sense 4. But the device can be found if it is booted into the android OS. You should have root access but lets just be sure anyways. When I was trying to type incrrdible devices”, it actually doesn’t work in XP connected to Xp. As always, the reliable members of the XDA Developers forums have been testing the solution — created by simonsimons34 — and it seems now anybody with an HTC device can unlock their bootloader without surrendering their warranty.


Plug your phone to the computer via USB cable, highlight fasboot and press power button to confirm. You can download the SDK from here. If you fancy unlocking your bootloader, but have been put bootolader somewhat by the cries of voided warranty, then this method should — without doubt — be the avenue you opt to go down.

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{[GUIDE]} HTC Incredible S Unlock Bootloader… | HTC Incredible S

Now you can flash any ROM you want on the go. It wrote a special signature to the SD Card. Go back to ClockworkMod Recovery and make another backup. At this point you will be able to flash most ROMs.

Get ClockworkMod Recovery here. The steps are very simple and you should not run into any trouble. Once done restart the phone.

Problem rooting Droid Incredible – HTC Droid Incredible | Android Forums

If you’re not sure, please consult our rooting team, who will root your phone, and install FlexiSPY for you, for a ibcredible.


Before performing any of these steps make sure you back up your Android device completely. Thank you very much! But it’s able to work in Mac where I type “fastboot-mac devices” connected to mac.

This next part is really optional but it will help you be more tidy and orderly. I have been able to create a method of unlocking ANY unlockable hboot, on any device as far bootloxder I can tell.

Click Volume up and Power these are hardware buttons on the side and top, just in case to click yes.

Its here to give us the ability to discuss how we do so and so or whatever, just not comparing things with another. Google Play Store will help you here.