May 2, 2020

The SSID of this wireless router will be displayed here. Delete all mappings existed in virtual server table. IP stands for Internet Protocol. An ISP is a business that provides connectivity to the Internet for individuals and other businesses or organizations. Check this box and the router will block all traffics which are trying to scan your Internet IP address.

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This protocol automatically gives every computer on your home network an IP address. We will provide recommended setup values below. If you select deny, all MAC addresses listed in filtering table will be denied from connecting to the network; if you select allow, only MAC addresses listed in filtering table will be able to connect to the network, and rejecting all adapger network devices.

Please follow the following instructions to set URL blocking parameters: Please input the start IP address of the IP range. Please follow the following instructions to set DMZ parameters: Secondary DNS Address 2: Input the starting port number in the left field, and input the ending port number in the right field.

Current Please input current password here. Please input subnet mask assigned by your service provider DNS address 3: If you did a firmware upgrade and this happens, contact your dealer of purchase for help.


Network Adapters – ICIDU – ICIDU Wireless Lite-N Client Adapter Computer Driver Updates

There are several time servers available on internet: Litte-n retype the new password again when you see above message. The wireless devices in the same network should follow the same setting.

You can refer to the instructions given in last chapter: This is the radio frequency used to transmit and receive the wireless signal. Any clients associated to the router can access the Internet service through the wireless network.

ICIDU Green Wireless Nano Router N |

Internet is slow sometimes, being patient. Please check all LEDs on the front panel. Only one rule should be selected a time! Set Time Zone 1: Other features of this router including: Icdu complicated the combination of number, alphabet, even symbol, and long enough WEP key and WPA passphrase is much safer than simple and short ones.

Ping is a common and useful tool to know the connection status of a specified remote network device, but some malicious intruder will try to fill your network bandwidth with a lot of PING request data packet, to make your internet connection become very slow, even unusable.


You can use this function to check the event log of your router. You need to input: WPS-related system information will be displayed here: Select the channel you want to use, two wireless routers must use the same setting. Please input the range of remote destination port number that will be affected by this rule.

ICIDU Wireless Lite-N Client Adapter driver free download for windows – Acer – Extensa

Up to 20 MAC addresses can be assigned by using this function. The router will become hot when being used for long time This is normal and is not a malfunction.

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. This wireless router will wait for WPS requests from wireless clients for 2 minutes. MAC address 1 to 4 4 – 7: You can select one access point in the table and it will join cllent LAN through this access point.