May 8, 2020

Rather, the Inspiron m is whisper quiet and you won t be hearing any noisy fan. Left-side view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image Specs: My desktop runs a Pentium 4 with Hyper Threading at 3. There is a downside to the screen though, to achieve the greater color contrast Dell has used a screen that is highly reflective in nature. Dell Inspiron m screen view larger image.

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For starters, I know this is a Windows 7 Forum. Inputs and Ports and Layout Let s take a tour of what s on each side of this notebook: Some laptops have mushy keyboards that sink into the machine when you touch them.

I have no problem endorsing the m as a good notebook. I’m not sure if it’s OK to discus that type of thing here or not. The Inspiron m has two speakers that are actually built into the screen and project sound forward towards the user.

Also is there a way to change a forgotten password on a user account if you can’t login? The lid hinge feels solid and is still easy to open, the CD tray is not overly wobbly and there are not buttons or ports that look like they re begging to fall off or cause problems after a few months of use. Oh well, it s how these computer companies make there money. You can likely get a set of factory recovery disks for a fee from Dell.

Dell Inspiron M Specs – CNET

Dell Windows XP Inspiron m help? But to be fair, dell inspiron m graphics must consider the fact that Dell had to crunch the keys of the m into a much smaller area than IBM did for the T40, so sacrifices in usability are expected in order to save on space. I found the learning curve highest for keys I have to reach down to. And if any specific driver need to be installed, I request you Innspiron I do mean ggaphics, as this is the brightest shiniest notebook screen I ve come across.


This notebook is also a good size for business inspirom that need to travel or just want a smallish notebook that can easily be transported between work and home. Where the build does feel a little cheap though is with the touchpad and mouse buttons.


Overall the keyboard can grsphics described as cramped and not revolutionary, the IBM X40 is of the same size as the m but manages to provide a much better and much more usable keyboard. 070m left mouse button on my Inspiron m for some reason depresses much further than the button on the right. Below are some performance benchmarks that CNet. This notebook is good for students that want to be able to get around easily and carry a notebook under their arm.

Find More Posts by gregrocker. If the word format and hard drive put together scares you, then don t pay attention to what I just said.

Dell Inspiron 700m Review (pics, specs)

This means you get a mirror effect from the screen so you have to train your eyes not to focus on the inevitable reflection that will occur. This is unacceptable for a notebook that is designed to be taken and used easily for travel.


Where the build does feel a little cheap though is with the touchpad and mouse buttons. Quite a few people have the same problem.

To me, the display is perfect. This means that if you initially buy the m with just a plain DVD drive and wish to upgrade to a DVD burner then you can just buy a DVD burner specifically made for the m from the Dell website and then switch it out with the DVD drive in there.

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Watching DVDs or viewing images is a treat, as colors are vibrant and gorgeous and the contrast amazing. Rather, the Inspiron m is whisper quiet and you won t be hearing any graphivs fan. The review unit Inspiron m has the following specs:. There are ways to reset the password, just Google it.

My desktop runs a Pentium 4 with Hyper Threading at 3. The Inspiron m is also cool running and does not generate too much heat. Front view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image Design The Inspiron m is unlike any other Inspiron in it s look and design.