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The last benchmark we’ll take a look at is the new boy, Serious Sam: Sat Dec 29, Log in Don’t have an account? I didn’t get them back to front either! Prototyped Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: It’s a MB single-sided module and clocks high. Wed Jan 02, 8:

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Slummin’ it in Cambridge the original one Registered: It’s easy to run the numbers on Serious Sam and it’s a very pretty benchmark as well as being an excellent overall system test so we’ve added it. However, on the XPR choosing any other multiplier other than the default stopped the board from booting so the unlock made little difference. There is lots of space around the CPU socket so you can install larger heatsinks and the memory is readily accessible.

For the CPU frequency, you need more Vcore and excellent cooling. Sat Dec 29, If they fail, they are destroyed.

Sat Dec 29, 3: I’d have preferred it in the old position but you can’t have everything! Post Your Comment Please log lwill or sign up to comment. Take a look at the following cropped selection from the Sandra Memory Bandwidth benchmark.

Boy, that is confusing OEM supplied boards can be as bland as you like but the consumer enjoys a little extra.


A possible incompatibility with my PC module perhaps. Some are colder then others. While we were a little bit disappointed, they quickly pointed out that they would be pushing the XPR, the board that uses the new version of the ALi MaGiK 1 chipset.

IWill XP333-R Overclocking Review

The overclocked result at MHz FSB is poor given the potential throughput of the memory controller at that speed, however all is not well on the memory side of things on this board using the test memory module as we’ll see next with the Sandra results.

I continue iwil learn It’s placed here, next to the power regulator chips, to supposedly fix the low 5V rail problems iwilk afflicted some revision 1. An incompatibility with the Samsumg module I was using is most likely and something to look out for. Stellar On board Audio. Iaill have been very impressed with Iwill’s hardware over the last year and cannot say enough about this XP board. Other websites reviewing this board and using Crucial modules Micron chips do much better and an OcUK forum member hi Bigsy!

However it’s not a bad score. Even at x performance looked fine.

Iwill XPR – Ars Technica OpenForum

Performance was under par compared to the KR7A and also the nForce but this is down to the substandard memory performance of the chipset at MHz and the problems at MHz. These boxes are semi covered from the elements and communicate via GPS. A quick rundown of the test system before we have a discussion about the test results and then the results themselves. Iwill was the first to include the necessary audio module that takes full advantage of the C-Media CMI 6 channel iiwll, and that’s still the case with the XPR.


Good job it can do that OK! We break the minimum that we like pretty easily here, even on the comparatively slow XP processor.

A weaker processor wouldn’t have been able to save the XPR I fear but it at least it seems fixable with a different memory module perhaps so don’t write the board off. This means that any module claiming to be PC or DDR isn’t ‘officially’ supported since the standard doesn’t officially exist yet. Anything over without doing anything to the system indicates good performance.

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