September 4, 2020

It is found that there is a given depth beneath the surface of the globe at which an equal temperature prevails. Because the soil reflects upon objects near to it the heat of the solar rays. Flesh-enters, why do they satisfy tionat-ly so mrich smaller than themselvt-s with a rapid meal How do we know that water is not a qood conductor. What is the Conduction of heat?

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The cases of which we have read the particulars present details of the most appalling description. The hot winds of the Arabian deserts, which are called simooms, scatter death and desolation in their track, withering trees and shrubs, and burying them under waves of ho’ sand.

The same is the case with a mixture of two of air, or three of air, and one of gas; butfour of air and one of gas begin to be explosive, optucal the explosive tendency lynx-lviiu up to seven or eight of air and one of gas, after which the increased proportion of gas diminishes the force of the explosion.

Which are the better conductors of heat, fluids or solids?

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What is meant by an elementary body? Then is nitrogen taken into the blood frnom the air?

How is heat diuffsed through the atmosphere? Nitrogen is an elementary body in the form of gas. Knowlodge of Chemistry enables us to separate or to combine the various substances kynx-lviii in nature.


The iron has become more dense by the hammering, and it cannot again be heated to the same degree by similar means, until it has been exposed infire, to a red heat. Therefore it would not answer so well, being set tipon the hob, as the earthenware tea-pot. But the heat of an ordinary fire is insufficient. Will hydrogen support combustion?

Because the hydrogen which they contain is combined with some proportion of carbon, which imparts a bright yellow colour to tho flames. Because the covering of ice which i;’ formed ntpon the rsflrcF’nf.

But if articles of loose texture are bad conductors of heat, why do they so easily ignite? What is the reason that people feel drowsy in crowded rooms? When they are of the same temperature as mluse bodies. Would it be possible to light the coals by putting the paper and the wood upon the top?

Because, also, it divides the ascending air, and thereby creates currents. One hundred and twenty-three of the prisoners died in the night, and most of the survivors were afterwards carried off by putrid fevers. The same effect takes place whenflint strikes against stcel, as in the old method of obtaining a light with the aid of the tindler-bos. If you wished to keep water hot for a lonq time, should you put it into a bright metal jug, or into a dark earthenware one?


Full text of “Initials and pseudonyms: a dictionary of literary disguises”

Because the quality of coals, and the conditions under which they are burnt, are liable to variation. Because some of the carbon escapes in a state of incandese;ce, mnrd as soon as it reaches the air it combines with oxygen, and so forms carbonic acid gas. Why does poking a fire cause it to burn more brightly? Because a larger amount of heat has entered into it than call Nelnain latent in water.

In the germination of barley heaped in rooms, previous to being converted into malt, it is well known that a considerable amount of heat is developed. It cannot exist without oxygen or atmospheric air. Because, as they pass over the heated surface of the body, they bear away a part of its heat.

What is Spontaneous Combustion? Why w it said that snow keeps the earth warm? It is found that in burning 10lb. Thermometer, what is the A great deal of heat is unprofitably expended in driving off the water of the fuel.