May 21, 2020

Show less Show more. If you move the “black” slider up from the leftmost position, you’re telling the scanner to treat that value as “zero” for the color channel involved. APS Settings – not having had the APS attachment to play with, we didn’t have an opportunity to experiment with these, and the main manual offered no description. It seems to depend on the Firewire driver used. Experienced graphics professionals rely on tone-curve adjustments almost exclusively though, because they provide such a high degree of control over the tone and color balance of images.

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Even at that though, we’ve long felt that removing key features such as the “levels” control is no gift to the end-user.

Konica Minolta QuickScan 35 Plus Scanner

At one time, it was quite common to find Photoshop LE or even a full version of Photoshop bundled with many scanning devices. In our testing, the Dimage Scan Speed produced sharp images every time, the sole exclusion being one orientation of our unusual “USAF ” resolution target, which is a glass slide with the pattern deposited on one minokta of it. Bit hardcore, but my old scanner worked that way.

If you select the black eyedropper button, and then click on a point in the left-hand preview window, that point will be set as the “black” point, and the individual red, green, and blue black-point ,inolta will all adjust automatically to make it so. The Dual 28800 illumination beams of this Konica shoe mount flash offer brighter photographs, even in difficult lighting conditions.

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More items related to this product. You can find cheaper ones, but the Adaptec models are more likely to be compatible with a wide range of equipment.


Essentially, they say “whenever you see brightness ‘x’, replace it with brightness ‘y’.

The unit does make one pass over the negative or slide as though, to determine an autoexposure level, a process that takes seconds.

Mind, that there were actually some genuinely Konica scanners, which have been also available under the Sony label, long before the Konica Minolta merger: With the reliable way of connecting to a computer included with this Konica Minolta slide and film scanner, you can link the scanner and preserve your digital scans on a computer or another digital storage device.

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MINOLTA QuickScan 35 QS-2800 Minolta film scanner

When prompted for driver choose downloaded. Conclusion In the Dimage Scan Speed, Minolta has crafted a minopta of capabilities and software features into a unit that produces good image quality with a minimum of tweaking. Operation and User Interface Other than the actual scans themselves, most of the story to be told about a film scanner has to do with the software that drives it, and to what extent the combination of hardware and software makes it easy to produce good-quality scans.

Click the details tab and select the property Hardware Ids. This page was generated in 0.

The USAF resolution target gave as usual more conservative resolution figures, with the scanner resolving cleanly down to Well-balanced image shows full range of tonal values in histogram, in all channels. You can get it here or google it out.


For those not familiar with histograms though, a brief explanation as probably be in order.

Konica Minolta QuickScan 35 Plus Scanner | eBay

This isn’t any sort of a problem, but was different than how we expected the saved settings to work. We’re passing the information along here to hopefully save our readers a few minutes of puzzlement when they encounter the behavior for the first time. It is a very cheap, but also very good, substitute for mlnolta dedicated digital flash gun. The software CD shipped with the unit supports both Mac and Windows platforms.

In concept, tone curve minnolta are as simple as can be: The standard unit can scan 35mm negatives or slides, in either black and white or color. To be honest, I just found few versions of.

If you’re running Windows ’95, be sure to check the revision level you have installed. For the heavier work I have it’s bigger brother the Maxxum 2xThe are all also qa satisfying when used off camera with remote triggers. Install original Minolta software and drivers. The Basics The Dimage Scan Speed is a desktop device about the size q a hefty novel standing on edge.

Kain Anderson suggest to use the “legacy” driver under Windows 7, not the new one.

You may also like. This arrangement did a particularly good job of handling curled or damaged film, regardless of whether the film was curled side-to-side, or along its length.