September 15, 2020

From the information below see “PowerUp! Ogg Vorbis files encoded using pre Their webpages are gone, and the Qoolqee is most likely discontinued. The have no display other than a single multicolour LED. The audio file navigation is based on an internal tag-library artist, album etc.

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Retrieved May 2, As of could not find product online.

Cowon fixed this on the D2 about firmware 2. Not a usbkey type player, but a small USB adaptator is furnished, and allows the device to be plugged directly on a USB standard plug. Both models have an extra miniSD memory card storage slot. Two versions available but are now discontinued as at March It supports the meta tags album limited length and title. The MP is a tiny machine with lots of features line in, mic, fm radio, usb 2.

As of there are no firmware upgrades available. Pausing is possible, seeking not.

MPMAN MP77HD Manuals

From the information below see “PowerUp! For an overview support matrix see the Vorbis Native Support Table the table concentrates on players which are still available in shops. The display is 3” large and very glossy. Their webpages are gone, and the Qoolqee is most likely discontinued.


MPMAN MP160 Manuals

The MP is basically a MP with color o. While it does support Vorbis, buyer beware.

It was delivered with a docking station. Supports audio and video incl. Looks like another whitebox label. It looks exactly like Maxfield’s Max-Sin Touch. I tested the D-Z40 one.

Newer players offer video and photo support X7, Z5, F5. As of firmware 1. Supports Linux and BSD.

The firmware is available at the US and Global site. Other features include FM-radio, voice recorder built-in micline-in, alarm, and more. The Archos Vision 30c is a small almost credit-card sized lightweight portable audio and video player which pm160 also able to record voice, display. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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There is no mention on their web site, or in the documentation that these will play Ogg Vorbis. No official website found yet, but three models are offered in shops: It only displays the file name and the average bitrate, but no additional Metadata. The “drive formatting” mman this device is strange, to be able to mount this device under Linux, I had to delete all partitions showed as 4 non-standard partitions under Linux fdisk in linux, then put the device in a windows XP machine and recreate a single partition and format as FAT.


USB2 Mass storage implemented: Flash players with MB and 1GB capacity. Either, or MB storage. It is larger and weighs two ounces.